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The “SPEED” brand mainly caters to the automotive segment and conforms to the flooded type. The major consumption for these, falls in the category of SP 2.5LC and SP5LB for the two-wheelers, SP-40 for the cars segment and SP 70Z for the tractors. Higher ampere batteries are also provided in the types ranging from 75Ah to 200Ah. Recently Maintenance Free batteries for the 2-W and 4-W applications have also been launched.

SPEED batteries produced in PSD are found to withstand the under-bonnet heat conditions in cars admirably, suffering no diminution in life, as established in life-cycle tests [ according to SAE F240 ] conducted in the laboratory by immersing the batteries into water bath at 75°C continuously to assess their cycle life. This is a very distinctive nature characterising the “SPEED” flooded batteries, that should be attractive to the customers.

(Regular Flat type)

• The Battery that stays cool even in Under-the-bonnet heat ambience*
(* SAE J240 Tests conducted at 75 degrees Celsius have shown that SPEED Batteries give as much cycle life as at 40 degrees Celsius)

• Available ranges for 2 wheelers 2Ah to 5Ah for all vehicles on the Indian roads.

• Available ranges for 4 wheelers 28Ah to 200Ah for all brands of cars & tractors.

• Also Maintenance Free Batteries in all the above types


Two Wheeler
Four Wheeler

The PSD’s AMCO INSTA-POWER brand of batteries are in demand for UPS and inverter applications. These are available in the market in a wide range of capacities from 20-130 Ah in tubular configuration. Batteries in flat plate construction are also catered to users in capacities ranging from 40Ah to 200Ah depending upon consumer preference and demand.


• Tubular and Flat Plate versions
• For domestic inverter and Standby applications
• Available in all ranges from 38Ah to 200Ah at 10 hr. Rate


• Quick recovery from deep discharge
• Steady output and endurance
• Eco friendly aqua trap vent plugs – No acid fumes
• Compact safe design
• Sporadic topping- up
(2-3 times a year only)



With the steep rising demand for valve regulated lead acid batteries, mainly for UPS applications, PSD started manufacture of these batteries three years before. Its indigenous design branded as AMCO-INSTA distinguishes these for their long storage life with minimum self discharge and exceptional back-up performance. A wide range of capacities from 4 Ah to 100 Ah have flooded the market to capture the attention of customers.

In terms of performance, not only the PSD batteries compare well with international brands, the feedback reports assert that the batteries are even better in quality. Not surprisingly, since the fruits of research are constantly fed to improve product quality in a continual way.


• Sealed Maintenance Free batteries for standby use
• Types available in the range 4Ah to 100 Ah


• Sealed VRLA Batteries-Spill proof, leak proof and explosive resistant.
• No need to add water or clean terminals
• Operation in any orientation (vertical, horizontal)
• Heavy duty grid
• Good float and cyclic service Life
• Low self discharge
• High recovery capability
• Wide operating temperature range
• Excellent Back Up Time



PSD products fall under various categories depending upon the applications to which the battery will be put to use, as detailed below